Speaker and Educator

Inspiring. Engaging. Interactive.

Maureen Walker, PhD, has been a powerful speaker and educator for over 30 years. Engaging and interactive, Maureen has the ability to connect with her audience so they leave with a greater understanding of topics ranging from bridging cultural differences such as race, religion, gender and other markers of social status. In addition, topics can be geared towards audiences including educators, civic leaders, managers/ supervisors, mental health care professionals, spiritual counselors, and social justice advocates.

Maureen is available to speak about the following topics and much more… 

  • Navigating the Complexities of Race: Racial Healing and Reconciliation
  • Getting Real About Empathy
  • Power Works: A Model for Sustainable Effectiveness
  • The 3 R’s of Loving Against the Odds
  • The Spirit in Action: Achieving Social Justice
  • Love and Power in the Therapy Hour

Hire Maureen for your next workshop, conference, or speaking event.

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