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Therapist. Speaker. Author.

Maureen Walker, PhD, is a licensed psychologist, speaker, educator, and writer who focuses on helping people bridge cultural differences such as race, religion, gender and other markers of social status. She does this by teaching and inspiring people to transform the barriers that prevent them from truly connecting with each other and living a fully authentic life. Maureen encourages people to transform fear into and courage to create the fullest expressions of who they are and can be in the world. Learn More

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Working with Maureen

Stones balance on the beach.Stones on Hin Ngam Island, Tarutao National Park, Thailand.

Heal relational wounds and cultivate resilience to live life with clarity, courage, and compassion.


Inspiring audiences to bridge cultural differences such as race, class, religion, and gender.


Learn more about Maureen’s upcoming book about cultural disconnections and authentic relationships.


What People Are Saying

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