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This is US

By Way of Prologue   Anyone wanting an easy listening overview of a city’s attractions knows exactly what to do: climb aboard a climate-controlled tour bus. For the price of a ticket and minimal mental effort, you get to sit back, relax, and get an infotainment version of local history. Those were the likely expectations …

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From the Fig Leaf to the Burning Bush: Who Are We Called to Become?

That’s a fairly long title, I know. However, it quite accurately captures where I found myself when Reverend Mary Ann Macklin invited me to share the pulpit at the Universalist Unitarian Church of Bloomington (UUCB) over the Martin Luther King weekend. Of course, I felt honored; there are few privileges more satisfying than having a …

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Love Worth Doing

Why bother? Why even try? Given a cultural climate, these are not unreasonable questions. Increasingly, they are asked by professionals in health care, environmental justice, education and clinical services. This asking perhaps signals the onset of heartbreak, or may be attempts to stave off relational vulnerability and despair. They reveal the fragility of good intentions …

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Giving Voice to Love

Watching weather forecasts should in most cases be a fairly mundane activity.  However, even weather channels must turn a profit. I guess it makes sense then that the on-air talent must simulate the equivalent of 24/7 “breaking news” by reporting feature stories. One such story was about thousands of Atlanta residents who in line stood …

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Roundtable Discussion on Relational Cultural Theory

Wellesely College: Roundtable discussions with Amy Banks, M.D., Director of Advanced Training, Judy Jordan, Ph.D., Director and Founding Scholar, and Maureen Walker, Ph.D., Director of Program Development. Learn more about the Jean Baker Miller Training Institute at and Wellesley Centers for Women at   Part 1: Founding of Relational-Cultural Theory A discussion about …

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