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Yes, It Does Takes a Village

Yes, It Does Take a Village   It happens whenever small groups of justice-conscious people find themselves in casual spaces discussing serious social problems. As the conversation nears closure, someone will invariably say, “It takes a village”. We have all heard it and possibly said ourselves that...

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After Justine, What’s Next?

Just a few weeks ago, we were all pulled into yet another heartbreaking headline about the senseless death of an Australian woman, killed by a person who had been sworn to serve and protect her. It has been almost 20 years since unarmed Amadou Diallo...

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Roundtable Discussion on Relational Cultural Theory

Wellesely College: Roundtable discussions with Amy Banks, M.D., Director of Advanced Training, Judy Jordan, Ph.D., Director and Founding Scholar, and Maureen Walker, Ph.D., Director of Program Development. Learn more about the Jean Baker Miller Training Institute at www.jbmti.org/ and Wellesley Centers for Women at www.wcwonline.org.   Part...

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